Research Group @ COCONUT Computer Club
Computer Club Oriented Network, Utility & Technology (COCONUT) was established in April, 2008 at the School Of informatics management And Computer (STMIK Professional, Indonesia), for conducting research & development activities in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology. It was envisioned as an institute for advanced and high quality applied research working in collaboration with industries and other academic institutions on national and international levels to bring about the IT revolution in Indonesia and help build a knowledge driven economy. We strive to gather capable and competent researcher generations at one platform and provide them with favorable and motivational environment for creating innovative technologies and products.
Computer Vision || Cyber Security || Applied Machine Learning || High Performance Services



We got generous funding support from many organizations including Center for Open Science. You can see our funders below.


We collaborate with multiple researchers, institutes, conferences, and organizations from outside and in Indonesia. This includes IDSECCONF, MEH Labs, PT Lontar Riset Indonesia, AI Research Indonesia, and many others.

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