Contact us

If you are interested to join the lab or collaborate, please do not hesitate to send us an email (surat [AT] or using the form in this page →
Undergraduate students: Please contact Obo to arrange a short meeting to discuss about research and/or potential projects.
Graduate students: Due to limitation of the university's rule, We cannot hire graduate students yet. If you are interested in doing research, please send a CV with a brief research interest. Then you can arrange a discussion before applying. You can potentially apply to the Department of Information System at STMIK Profesional Makassar, Dipanegara University (UNDIPA), or Muhammadiyah University Of Makassar, Indonesia, where I can co-advise. There are multiple options if you are interested.
Other positions: I always actively look for interns and developers. If you are interested in doing internship (locally or remotely) or other positions such as developers, please also do not hesitate to email us to discuss.
Office: Jl. Mon. Emmy Saelan III, 2rd Floor, Makassar City, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 90221.

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