Nurkholish Halim

Nurkholish Halim

  • Independent Researcher
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Nur runs the research group COCONUT at the Department of Computer Engineering, School Of informatics management And Computer Profesional, Makassar, Indonesia. Extensive experiences in large and complex enterprise organization, startup, banking, telecommunication, military and intelligence agency. Focus on delivering solutions with innovative and efficient spirit. Have a working knowledge of low-level network protocols (e.g. HTTP, IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Ethernet, and 802.11). Comfortable working with Unix-like, cloud environment like AWS, GCP, Azure, Openshift and embedded system. Also, Enjoy building high scalable and high performance services (e.g. REST APIs, gRPC), internet facing production-grade applications in distributed virtualized or containerized environments. Having understanding to design and implementation security or software architecture. Proven Deep Technical Experience in Security Perimeter Defense Technology, Machine learning, Computer Vision and Cloud-Native Security..

Positions and previous work

Outside research

Nur actively write his research in International Journal at Array, contribute to open-source community (see, answer questions on Stack Overflow (see Stack Overflow), and push local machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) communities in Indonesia. He co-created a program for high school students to learn basic data science and artificial intelligence, AI Builders. He also actively work with companies such as Bank OCBC-NISP, Indonesia, where he applies data science, cybersecurity and machine learning approaches to solve business questions.

More information

You can find more information in his CV and his LinkedIn @nurkholish.

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